Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers | St Kilda, Melbourne

Click to watch the video above to see a dermal lip fillers procedure performed in the clinic.

As our skin ages, not only do we start seeing fine lines and wrinkles developing but a loss of volume under the skin occurs. Dermal fillers can be injected under the skin to make up for this loss and freshen up a tired looking face.

The dermal fillers used at our St Kilda, Melbourne clinic are made of a naturally occurring substance in our bodies including our skin. Therefore, when this product is injected, it has a low risk of having an allergic reaction. All of our fillers contain this substance but their chemical structure varies in order to change the feel of the product and longevity in the dermis, depending on where it is to be injected. The dermal fillers work by binding with water to create volume under the skin.

Areas that can be treated include nasolabial folds, glabella, cheeks, tear trough, lips and lip lines, marionette lines, facial contouring (including the nose), deep lines and some scars.

Image of a woman before and after having dermal lip fillers treatment

Image of a woman before and after having dermal lip fillers treatment

Before and after photos of a lip enhancement using dermal fillers performed in the clinic.

Advice pre treatment

  • You will have an initial consultation with our staff to discuss your needs and goals as well as any information you require on how much dermal fillers cost or if we have any special dermal fillers deals.
  • To reduce the chances of bruising, we recommend avoiding some medications such as aspirin, medication containing aspirin, vitamin E and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (check with our staff or your GP prior to stopping any regular medication).

Advice post treatment

  • There may be swelling and/or bruising in the days after your treatment.
  • As we sometimes use nerve blocks for some of our dermal fillers it is best to avoid hot food and drinks straight after your treatment until all the feeling in the treated area returns (just like at the dentist).

Good candidates for dermal fillers

  • Loss of volume to lips.
  • Deepening nasal labial folds.
  • Flattening of the mid-face.
  • People looking to volume-enhance specific facial features, e.g. cheeks, tear trough, chin or lips.
  • People whose aesthetic problem lies in loss of volume rather than ptosis (sagging) of the facial soft tissue.
  • People undergoing cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery (depending on facial analysis) may additionally benefit from chin enhancement.

Email or call our team in our St Kilda clinic to discuss the cost of dermal fillers. We may also be able to offer you special dermal fillers deals for our Melbourne clients when having multiple procedures in one session.