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How crow’s feet form

How crow’s feet form

Crow’s feet or smile lines are the lines that appear from the outer edge and below the eyes. When crow’s feet form, it is a very natural and progressive part of the aging process. They can give beautiful warmth to the face when smiling or squinting, however over time they can elongate, deepen and multiply which can have an aging and tired effect.


Firstly, how do crow’s feet form?

The orbicularis oculi muscle which circles the eye socket tends to be very active. Repetitive movement such as blinking, smiling, and squinting all cause this muscle to contract causing the skin to crease again and again on itself. With little to no break in this creasing of the skin, the lines start to form and if left too long, they can become permanent, like a scar. Once the lines get quite deep they will appear when the face is at rest. This is when they become more difficult to treat.

What is the best way to treat crow’s feet?

Anti-wrinkle injections are an effective treatment for crow’s feet, provided the lines are not too deep when the muscles are at rest. When a small dose of the medication is injected into this muscle, the nerve signal to the muscle is inhibited. This temporary decrease in muscle movement allows the skin time to repair itself. In most cases, lines will either soften or completely disappear. It is better to get in early when treating crow’s feet to prevent the spread and deepening of the lines.

Treatments are fast with minimal pain and results are seen at their fullest in only 10-14 days from the day of treatment. It is important to choose a qualified and trusted clinician if choosing to have such treatments. An initial consultation is required prior to this medical procedure and follow up treatments should be offered to ensure satisfactory results. Crow’s feet treatments are proving very popular for both men and women from the 20’s age group and beyond. If you are worried you may have missed the boat, it is best to consult a qualified clinician to discuss if this treatment is appropriate.   Subtle Transformations is a trusted facial aesthetic clinic performing these treatments on a regular basis. When it comes to your face it is important to find qualified practitioners to do the job. At Subtle Transformations you will be treated by a Registered Nurse who is under the guidance of fellowship trained surgeon, so you are always in safe hands.

Click here to watch a video of a crow’s feet treatment at our clinic.