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Frown lines making you look angry?

Frown lines making you look angry?

Frown lines making you look angry? We can help!

Does this sound familiar? “You don’t look happy today!” or “Are you ok?”

“YES I’M HAPPY!!!!!”

Tired of being asked “what’s wrong?” but you feel no less happy than normal?
If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Your frown muscles may be building momentum! We can assure you this is completely normal and can be corrected or improved. In fact, treating frown lines at our St Kilda clinic is extremely common.

Why does this happen?

Our entire face is made up of different muscles, each with a different function so that we can express ourselves, open and close our eyes and mouth and twitch our nose! Our facial muscles are repetitively moving back and forth, which, over time, can cause them to strengthen and enlarge. Specifically, our frown muscles are made up of three muscles (two muscles called the corrugators, which are connected to the inner eyebrows, and the procerus muscle which is in between the corrugators). When we frown the two corrugator muscles squeeze inwards, or medially, to the centre of our face and at the same time the procerus muscle pulls downward. The squeezing in and down motion will help to explain why we often end up with vertical (aka the “11 lines”) and horizontal lines across the bridge of the nose. Try frowning in the mirror and see for yourself!
Frown lines on woman
The muscles are moving repetitively and at the same time, as we age, our skin cells (as well as all of the body’s cells) get replaced at a reduced rate, slowing down the speed of recovery. So if our muscles are getting stronger and pressing harder against skin that is slower to repair, the result is deeper and more permanent lines. The cycle will continue as we age if we do not intervene.

How can we help?

The gold standard treatment for frown lines are anti-wrinkle injections. This relaxes the muscles, slows down their movement (or completely stops the movement) and allows the skin above the muscle time to regenerate, resulting in lines and wrinkles beginning to soften. Whilst the muscle remains in a relaxed state, the skin is no longer being pushed and squashed between the muscles and this is when we usually start to see an improvement in the frown lines. However, if these lines are quite deep, then a dermal filler may also be helpful in order to push the lines up and out.

Anti-wrinkle injections generally last around 3 months (however, will vary from person to person) and we recommend this treatment for improving your frown lines. Dermal fillers in this area can last up to 18 months (depending on the dermal filler your clinician recommends).

Lastly, this is a relatively simple solution for helping you look as happy as you actually feel. If this is a problem area for yourself, contact our friendly staff in our St Kilda clinic to arrange a consultation on (03)95100714.