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How Lip Fillers Should Look

How Lip Fillers Should Look


Are you considering lip fillers?

Enhanced lips do not need to look fake or overdone. Many of our clients are interested in having lip fillers but worry about looking fake and duck-like! There is no need for this (unless you actually prefer that look!). When performed right and by using a great product, fuller and natural looking lips can be achieved with lip fillers. If you use too much product, then it is easy to look unnatural! So the key is not to go overboard.

What a lip enhancement should do:

– Bring back and improve definition to the lips

– Plump out fine lines

– Give an anti-aging affect as lips tend to thin with age

What a lip enhancement should NOT do:

– Look unnatural

– Be disproportional to your face

– Your top lip should not be bigger than your bottom lip.

It’s all about bringing back some definition to tired or older lips using lip fillers. I’m noticing more and more that people are forgetting what they looked like prior to their treatment which runs the risk of overdosing (so to speak) on filler! Take a selfie before and after having any sort of dermal fillers so you can see the difference and you will less likely feel the need to go too far.


This procedure is not suitable for everyone and it is important to get the right advice prior to having lip fillers or any other procedures for that matter. For more information on lip fillers or to arrange a consultation in our St Kilda Clinic, contact our friendly staff on (03) 95100714.

Click here to watch a video of a lip filler treatment performed in our clinic.