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We focus on the ongoing relationship between you and your practitioner and ensure to develop an individual care plan with you from the beginning. Our care is personalised and tailored for you as we make sure that you always see a member of our staff you have dealt with before. By dealing with staff members who know you and your priorities you will be better cared for as there is no double handling of your information. Together, you and your dedicated staff member monitor results over time.

Patrick Walsh


AHPRA Registration: MED0000954564

I am an ear, nose and throat surgeon trained in Queensland. During my training I took an interest in rhinoplasty surgery and went to study this further in the UK in Guildford.

I have been working in Melbourne now for 11 years and performed over 500 rhinoplasties. I currently average 3 to 5 rhinoplasties per week and have a policy of no more than 3 rhinoplasties in a single day.

I like conservative surgery and believe that the best result is the nose that draws no attention to itself, allows appreciation of the rest of the face and which of course breathes well. 3D modelling is essential to the planning of the surgery which occurs during the analysis consultation.

My loves in life are my family, rhinoplasty, motorbike riding, growing trees, boxing and brewing beer.

Lauren Walsh

Nurse Practitioner

AHPRA Registration: NMW0001101012

I am a Nurse Practitioner trained in Melbourne. I have a background in general and critical care nursing prior to going into aesthetics in 2012. I completed my masters degree in advanced nursing (Nurse Practitioner) in 2019 where I specialised in facial aesthetics.

The majority of my work is in aesthetics where I use techniques which are aimed to provide natural results.

I love my family, my work, watching dodgy reality tv and exercising.
You will not find me on social media as I believe in promoting a healthy body image and not comparing yourself to unrealistic images.



Facial Reshaping

A facial assessment helps to identify your ideal facial shape and what areas need to be targeted for treatment. This can be achieved with volumizers and/or wrinkle treatment for a natural look.

Wrinkle Treatments

Reduce or prevent lines on the face by relaxing the facial muscles, slim the jaw to elongate the face, treat TMJ dysfunction or jaw grinding, reduce gummy smile, elevate lateral eyebrows, reduce a dimpled chin and decrease the strength of muscle bands on the neck.


Skin treatment to help restore the protective barrier of the skin, helps to maintain skin hydration, as well as improving the quality of the skin such as superficial lines, loss of firmness and elasticity.


Restore lost volume in the cheeks, soften nasolabial folds, give the lips a more youthful and hydrated appearance without looking unnatural, reshape the lips or add definition, soften the chin crease, add definition to the jawline.

Skin Needling

Stimulate collagen production from within the skin without adding heat. Improve skin quality, reduce fine lines and scars.


Reduce excessive sweating of the underarms .



Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic and/or functional rhinoplasty surgery is sort to change the shape of the nose and improve the nasal airway. Visualise what is surgically possible with our 3D imaging for your individual case during your facial analysis appointment. Rhinoplasty surgery is performed by Mr Patrick Walsh at Linacre (Hampton), Cabrini (Malvern) and Holmesglen Private hospital.


“Enhance your natural beauty”

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